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Pharma: an industry shaped by shareholder value

Big drug companies today have remade their business models.
Posted In: big pharma, pharmaceuticals, Allergan
Inside a Harvard Business School classroom.

What business schools teach about shareholder value

More schools are telling students that profits aren't the only consideration.
Posted In: business school, shareholder value, bottom line

IBM: when corporations took care of their employees

IBM had a policy of full employment and went without layoffs for seven decades.
Posted In: IBM, price of profits, corporations, lay offs

Flagship Westgate Mall reopens in Kenya

A year after a devastating terrorist attack, Nairobi's Westgate Mall is to reopen partially.
Posted In: Kenya, Malls, terrorism, Nairobi
A UPS worker delivers packages in Chicago.

UPS delivers on holiday orders – and hurts itself

UPS staffed up for last-minute Christmas rush but ended up overcompensating.
Posted In: UPS, Black Friday, consumer demands, peak days
Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank during a press conference in Western Germany.

What’s QE and the ECB got to do with you and me?

How "quantitative easing" and "European Central Bank" may bring cash to U.S. shores.
Posted In: European Union, ECB, bond buying
The symbol of the euro, the currency of the eurozone, stands illuminated in Frankfurt, Germany.

Europe considers quantitative easing

Move by European Central Bank could boost moribund eurozone economy.
Posted In: Eurozone, quantitative easing, European Central Bank

Is net neutrality the real issue?

As Congress anticipates an FCC decision, technology is reframing the debate.
Posted In: net neutrality, fcc, ISPs
A Bank of America branch in New York City.

When falling bank profits can be a good thing

Lower profits could be a sign that banks are taking smaller risks.
Posted In: Banks, trading, Earnings

As consumer prices fall, we may be buying more with less

Falling gas prices mean people have more money, but are they spending it?
Posted In: retail sales, gas prices, Economy


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