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States move to close drug data mining

Information about which drugs doctors prescribe for you often ends up in the hands of big drug companies, which use it to market their products. But some states are passing laws to ban the practice. Helen Palmer reports.
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Keeping an eye on drug testers

Even after years of research and development, the FDA only gives its stamp of approval for a drug or device after a tough set of clinical trials. But a new report finds only a tiny fraction of tests get FDA scrutiny. Helen Palmer reports.
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Creditors have upper hand in disputes

What credit squeeze? The Federal Reserve says Americans are charging as much stuff as ever on credit cards. But a report out today from the consumer watchdog Public Citizen says that when we dispute those charges, cardholders lose almost every time. Helen Palmer reports.

Uninsured problem twice as big

The Census Bureau reported that 45 million Americans have no health insurance, but a study out today says it's really twice that. Helen Palmer reports.
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Tangles in medical web-slinging

Wal-Mart and Intel recently adopted electronic health records for their workers. But getting other companies involved won't be easy. Helen Palmer reports.
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Poverty no obstacle for health care

A new program starts today in San Francisco that will cover uninsured residents below the federal poverty level. Helen Palmer explains why part of the funding, which comes from an emergency care fund, won't be enough.
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Healthier economies make for healthier kids

Unicef says the number of children dying each year has dropped below ten million for the first time since it began keeping records. It stands to reason that more widespread public health campaigns contributed to the decline. Helen Palmer reports.
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An easy-to-read label is hard to find

FDA officials are debating whether changes in food labels might help consumers make healthy choices. Helen Palmer reports there are plenty of ideas but not much consensus.
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A healthy change for hospitals

Three years ago the amount of time doctors-in-training could work in hospitals was reduced from 120 to 80 hours a week. A new study shows if anything it's been good for patient care, not bad, and the residents sure are happier. Helen Palmer reports.
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Clue found to missing bees

Scientists have fingered a virus that may be a cause of the country's disappearing bees -- what's called colony collapse disorder. Marketplace's Helen Palmer, a beekeeper herself, reports.
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