Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter. He is the former host of "In The Loop" from Minnesota Public Radio and a former business and economics correspondent for MPR. He is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master's in applied economics from the University of Minnesota.


Features by Jeff Horwich

Study: Still waiting for efficiency gains from electronic medical records

A new study from the RAND Corporation says electronic medical records haven't saved us what they were supposed to.
Posted In: medical records, health care

PODCAST: To bartenders, you are what you sip.

Boeing is having a Dickens of a time with their newest plane. A new study reports on the disappointment of electronic bank records. A creative plan to save the local movie theater, and one last limerick before you head off to the bar.

U.S. trade deficit surges

New data for the month of November show the U.S. trade deficit has hit its widest point in seven months -- but could that be a good thing?
Posted In: import export, Oil, Economy

Theater goes subscription-based to stay alive

A group of local residents in Oakhurst, Ca., have come up with an innovative subscription-based financial plan to save their theater.
Posted In: california, movies

PODCAST: New mortgage guidelines

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is rolling out new guidelines for U.S. mortgages. A new study finds that we waste half of the 4 billion tons of food produced annually for human consumption. And HUD cannot afford to fix its public housing, so the government wants to reclassify the properties as Section 8.

Stricter mortgage rules could loosen lending

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is rolling out new rules for mortgage lending. Some bank analysts say that counter-intuitively the stricter rules could actually loosen mortgage lending.
Posted In: mortgage, CFPB

PODCAST: Smile! You're at Disneyland

What's behind the double-digit health insurance premium increases some folks are seeing around the country? Driverless cars debut at the Consumer Electrics show. And, smile! You're at Disneyland.

Are insurers hiking rates despite health care reform

California's insurance commissioner has called out Anthem Blue Cross of California for an 'excessive' 11 percent premium increase for some customers.
Posted In: health care, health insurance, Affordable Care Act

Expectations shift as Fed releases new details

The Federal Reserve has released the minutes from its meeting in mid-December where the Fed's announced a major shift in it's policy.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, Treasury bill

PODCAST: Ringing in earnings season and Gotham Garage

Alcoa, the first of the big industrial bellwethers, will report earnings after the bell today. Who owns the rights to the Batmobile? Speaking of cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants some cars to make more noise. Crowds in China are in an open revolt against government censorship of a publication called Southern Weekly. And advertisers are learning to cope with the DVR.


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