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For musicians, holiday gigs provide critical income

Atlanta's airport is bringing in local musicians to help travelers de-stress.
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Per capita use of paper has dropped 46 percent since 2000.

Paper industry wants customers back

Thanks to e-mail, e-vites and e-readers, paper use has dropped.
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The company Bohemian Guitars benefited from crowdfunding.

A check on equity-based crowdfunding

Georgia was one of the first states to allow this type of regulated crowdfunding.
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Frustrated passengers wait in line at the Frontier Airlines counter at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Airport tech experts predict in the news few years, lines like this will be a thing of the past. Instead, staffers armed with wearable

Now boarding: better technology at the airport

Future technology could eliminate airport lines.
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College acceptances bring a rush to buy sweatshirts

When acceptance letters go out, lots of cash comes in to college bookstores.
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For many, rebates are worth jumping through some hoops

Customers often use a rebate to justify buying something they want anyway.
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AirTran Folds its wings

After four years, Southwest Airlines officially acquires AirTran.
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Thirty years later, Cabbage Patch Kids are still a favorite

The Cabbage Patch Kid still draws fans decades after its release.
Nine out of 10 people will take in at least one holiday special between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why holiday reruns are the gift that keeps on giving

Nine out of 10 of us will watch at least one holiday TV special this year.
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The benefits of developing an Ebola vaccine

While the market for an Ebola vaccine is small, the payoff of production is big.
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