Nancy Marshall-Genzer is a senior reporter for Marketplace, working from the Washington, D.C. Bureau. Nancy started with Marketplace in spring 2007, after filing freelance pieces for the program for years prior. Covering the daily news from the nation’s capital, Nancy has reported many special features.

Nancy has a long history in radio. Before joining the Marketplace portfolio, she worked at NPR, where her duties included producing, editing and reporting. Her previous experience also includes stints at WAMU 88.5 public radio in Washington, D.C., Monitor Radio and NBC radio and television, where she served as bureau chief for NBC TV in Tuzla, Bosnia.

In 1999, Nancy won an American Medical Writers Association Award for her freelance contribution to the Marketplace series “Wanted for Questioning: America’s Most Profitable Drug Companies.”

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University. A native of Averill Park, N.Y., she currently lives in Silver Spring, Md., with her family. Describing herself as a nosy person, Nancy appreciates that her job fulfills that desire to ask questions and learn something new every day.


Features by Nancy Marshall-Genzer

The costs and benefits of political conventions

Cleveland and Philadelphia are hosting the presidential nominating conventions.
Posted In: conventions, Party Conventions, Democrats, Republicans

New rules would curb big bank bonuses

Federal agencies are working on rules to reduce risk-taking on Wall Street.
Posted In: Dodd-Frank law, Wall Street bonuses
Even $250 in savings can help a family in a financial emergency.

For families, even a small amount in savings goes a long way

A new report says as little as $250 can help you survive a financial emergency.
Posted In: Savings, finances, Taxes

Why some corporations haven't committed to sponsoring the GOP convention

Cleveland's host committee still needs to raise about $8 million
Posted In: GOP, conventions, Republican Party
Some women may not know that they're being paid less than the man sitting next to them.

Survey: Men think they know more about pay

65 percent of U.S. men thought they had a good understanding of how pay is determined, versus 53 percent of women.
Posted In: equal pay, gender
G7 country leaders meet at a summit in June of last year.

G7 countries may start sharing personal airline data with each other

G7 foreign ministers will meet on Sunday and Monday to discuss sharing data as a way of combating terrorism.
Posted In: G7 summit, G7, Airlines, personal data

Increase in home renovation plans suggests people unwilling to move

People gave up on the idea of a big, fancy house after the housing crisis, according to one economist.
Posted In: home building, home buying, home
Protected by a lead and steel safety barrier, a technician at Brookhaven National Laboratories, USA, processes radioactive sodium.

Obama's final nuclear summit spotlights fears over nuclear theft

Nuclear security rules exist for places like universities and hospitals, not just nuclear facilities.
Posted In: nuclear weapons, terrorism, counterterrorism
San Francisco housing is among the most expensive in the nation.

The domino effect on housing

High housing prices started on the coast, then spread inward.
Posted In: Housing, wages, buyers

The midlife economic anxiety crisis

The most anxious people in our economic anxiety poll are 35 to 54-year-olds.
Posted In: Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, anxiety, Budgeting


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